Is this an actual operating system?

As much as we’d wish it was, no. ME-OS is an operating system simulator, and while we do include a lot of utility programs and file management, we do not take care of actual memory management behind the scenes. Maybe one day, though!

When will this game be “fully” finished?

The beauty of ME-OS is that we plan to (hopefully) keep providing it with more and more content for years to come. Once we reach the full base version (version 1.0), we will be focusing on more content, fixes, and other neat things, but more games and programs might come out too! Assuming crowdfunding will be successful, we really hope to set the full release for the end 2025.

What is SP? How is the game based on it?

SP is an otherworldly land far away from Earth. There are many strange and interesting creatures with amazing abilities that live there, and they go through a lot of adventures. It is unknown where it is, but that’s kind of the goal of this OS! With some assistance of friends on Earth, this software was created to educate people about this new world, in hopes of one day finding each other.

Is there any more detailed information on the OS and things it revolves around?

You bet there is! Visit https://www.worldofsp.com/wiki/MEOS to get started 🙂