An operating system would not be complete without software. Bundled with ME-OS, there are many different applications to suit various needs such as web browsing, listening to music, watching videos, painting, or even shopping!

DISCLAIMER: A lot of this software is still WIP!


Lum Paint

A painting program is very important software to have in an OS, so of course we had to make one! Here’s Lum Paint, a fun, simple graphics manipulation program that lets you edit files from your OS space, your local drive, or just make new ones and export them whenever you’d like!

Leaf Net

Every good OS ever came with its own default web browser, so we’re giving you Leaf Net! It is compatible with most video codecs and can even run HTML5 based applications, meaning you can play whatever online games you find! But be careful, there is no antivirus…


Games in ME-OS have a lot of currency laying around that you can collect as a reward for playing them, and the shop is the best place to spend it all! From avatars, backgrounds, cosmetics, bundles and even games and utilities, there’s so much you can spend on. And it will make your OS experience more unique!


Want to watch something while browsing through the OS? Not a problem at all! With Videx you can play OS files, local drive files and even video files from a web address. It also comes with a ton of effects to customize your viewing experience.

Mimi Player

The ultimate customizable music experience, meet Mimi Player. With a customizable background, many visual effects and especially audio effects, you can listen to any track included in ME-OS at any time. Plus with a mini widget, you can listen to playlists or individual songs while working through something else!


Although games are our main focus, we really aim to have a lot of cool utilities as well! The future will tell what will come.