New Update! 0.0.51 Changelog

Build 0.0.51 is live!

This update was delayed so much but finally, the super late joke update is out! Some of you may have guessed it by now, but it was focused on MEGAME 7-IN-1. It is finally complete! There are multiple things hidden to the user in this update that will be part of another update that will come hopefully soon, but for now please enjoy what we have to offer 🙂


Gon Ball Rally:

  • Added some more balls (mostly Rones)

Jump Wars:

  • Added Gontaper as a playable character. He isn’t revealed yet so be careful, but he is fun to play with so give him a go!
  • Projectiles now recolor with skin. It is slightly easier to tell who threw what now!
  • Added extra skin slot (and possibly more in the future) to every character


Added 3 new games, finally finishing the collection.

Super Grabu:

  • You play as Graba, and you have to catch Balka while Ambra blocks your way! Can you reach her?


  • Bombik wants to become longer and longer, so you have to help him find bombs to stack with. There are ten levels overall.

Gron 4 Space Adventure:

  • Probably the heftiest game of the three new additions, this game has multiple platforming levels and two bosses!
  • 6 songs are dedicated to this game alone
  • Some fancy volume controls that will be used in later games now that I’ve done them once

Mimi Player:

  • Tons of new songs added, our ME-OS OST now goes up to track #34! Have fun listening to them, including some unused (yet) Syho music.

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