New Update! 0.0.52 Changelog

(Posted 9/30/2022)

Build 0.0.52 is live!
This update is big and is mostly content heavy. Our biggest changes are probably a ton of additions to Jump Wars and Keyccordion!



  • Added achievements for Keyccordion Dawn, Gon Ball Rally, and more
  • Added a LOT of new backgrounds in background packs. Have fun checking them out!
    • Drows Pack
    • Israel Pack 2022
    • Kewtian Pack 2
    • Tobermory Pack 2022
  • New avatars as well!
    • SP Randoms Pack 3
    • SP Randoms Pack 4
    • Kewtian Pack 3

Jump Wars:

  • Added sound effects to the game! About time…
  • Music was also added to each stage!
  • Music volume and SFX volume can be controlled from the demo menu
  • Each character has 34 alts now! That’s a lot
  • Added Guppy as a playable character
  • Added Evo as a playable character
  • Added Lava Lake, Gavnell’s Lament and Vrolota stages!
  • As a bonus, Matt Destination and Tavern (from the Dover Boys) stages were added too.
    • Note: The Tavern was used as pretty much almost the whole Dover Boys cartoon is in the public domain.

Keyccordion Dawn:

  • Finally, we have an awesome proper menu in the game!
    • The menu is still work in progress (things like background are not final, settings, custom and how to play don’t work yet)
  • The new menu showcases how difficulty is assigned to levels in the game. 1 star means easy on “both hands hard” mode, 5 stars means very difficult on both hands hard.
  • A whole four new songs are part of this update too! They are:
    • Adomathan (original song, 3 stars)
    • Son Ar Chistr (folk song remix, 4 stars)
    • Twinkle Twinkle (classical song remix, 2 stars)
    • William Tell Overkill (classical song remix, 5 stars)
  • Streaks now go up to 10! There were multiple reasons for this change:
    • A streak of 10 means you have pressed 1000 notes perfectly in succession.
    • Setting a higher bar allows for a bigger range of skill in achieving higher scores
    • Prevents spamming for instant high score (though more measures may be put in place to prevent this later…)
  • A lot of levels have new dynamic elements to them
  • Fixed a lot of Ievan Polkka’s mapping, including incorrect normal and easy mode maps.

Mimi Player:

  • Added some more songs.

Portal Dreams:

  • Hopefully there will be more about this next update, but the rough premise is that this is a “dream world” exploration game.
  • Very, very early and rough WIP. If you want to play around on the levels though, there are two so far you can access that are in early stages. Use the terminal and type:
    • loadscene PDYellowCity
    • loadscene
  • Already supports network functions, but you won’t see each other yet because by default you’re invisible!

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