New Update! 0.0.53 Changelog

(Posted 10/4/2022)

Build 0.0.53 is live!
This update came quick and is kinda tiny! But the changes are pretty important.
We focused on improving some bugs found while testing (thank you Felix, Anjelo, Bobby and Tommy!!!) to make the beta testing experience a little better.
Not all bugs were fixed yet, but we wanted to deliver some fixes quick!
Please check out the short note at the bottom of this changelog, as we are nearing an important point in development.



  • Added steam join support, you can now join someone’s lobby if they are hosting through there!
  • Fixed some broken directories

Gon Ball Rally:

  • Decorated some of the earlier levels to have more things
  • Added a star in front of the spawn of level 4, to make it a little more obvious that you have to collect them for the goal.
  • Added a prompt in the beginning of each level that requires you to collect stars, and the same prompt will appear if you try to finish a level early without collecting them all.
  • Camera now locks upon completion of level

Guppy’s Quest 2:

  • Fixed video of chapter 2 not playing for some reason…


  • Fixed achievement amount not showing up correctly


  • Public IP is now masked by default. Just in case, don’t want anyone looking at that while you’re streaming!
  • Fixed some issues with the NetTerminal (inquire to me if you want to know more about this, it’s a little complicated…)

Royal Squared Color:

  • Fixed background pixel ratio for first level in pack 1
  • Made ground outline darker and background a bit darker in level 3

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