New Update! 0.0.54 Changelog

(Posted 11/09/2022)

Build 0.0.54 is live!
This update is big! This update is important! It’s the Jump Wars overhaul!



  • Added beta testers to the credits

Jump Wars:

  • Menu got a complete overhaul!
    • Earlier we had a demo menu, but this one will be the real deal.
    • While it is still slightly WIP, it’s going to be the new look and style of Jump Wars!
    • Much easier to set everything up, multiple controller and cursor support for menu, and so much more
    • You can see alt names now under the name of your character when you select them!
  • Added online!
    • To play online, you just have to be in a MultiME lobby BEFORE you open Jump Wars.
    • Then, just select a character and check in if you want to play after selecting a stage.
    • Only the host can start the match after everyone checked in.
  • Added stage variations!
    • Have a stage you like but wish it had a different layout? Well now you can select the stage variation on the stage select screen!
    • The stage variation basically allows you to swap layouts to allow for a different experience.
    • Every existing stage so far except Matt Destination and the new stage Tavern have a variation now.
  • Added lives and time system! No more tiny matches, but time cannot be enabled at the moment…
  • Added Dan Backslide (from The Dover Boys, 1942) as a playable character!
    • How? Dan is public domain, so he’s a very special and exceptional character to be added. He’s also our first guest character!
    • Dan can either hark (which will release a projectile that goes through solid objects and disappear), or use his runabout which can ram into opponents.
  • Added the Tavern from the Dover Boys as a stage!
  • Added Aria’s Garden as a stage!
  • Added decorations to Endless Forest


  • Added Scotland Pack 2K22 to the Shop.

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