New Update! 0.0.55 Changelog

Build 0.0.55 is live!
This update full of new stuff you can play with right now!



  • A lot of UI elements are now draggable! Finally… these include:
    • File Surfer
    • LeafNet Mini
    • Mimi Player Mini
  • A new macro was added! It is called CamTargetRefocus, and it opens a little window where you can switch the main camera perspective to anything. And yeah, I literally mean anything… you could be a block if you want to…
  • Default cursor now has a little graphic at the top left to help you know where you’re about to click.


  • While it was possible to spawn objects on the Desktop before, they’d fall right through because there’s no actual “ground” there. Well now the taskbar also acts as something objects can stand on!
    • This comes with boundaries on the sides and ceilings for both 2D and 3D objects, so have fun spawning stuff on the desktop!

File Surfer:

  • Shortcuts exist now! You can click on shortcuts on the sidebar to quickly get to specific designated folders.
  • Added .ogg file support

Golf Dimensions:

  • Major overhauls to how the game will work (physics mostly) and levels
  • Six new levels were added to the first world!

Jump Wars:

  • Added Pico from Pico’s School as a playable character!
    • Pico can either use his fire hydrant to push his opponents away with a strong cloud, or his gun for small but fast burst shots
  • Added Bever as a playable character!
    • Bever can either swipe with his arm to spike his opponents, or summon a portal and stick his hand through it to make it appear somewhere else on the stage for a powerful punch!
    • The portal move is eight directional. Choose a direction as the move is starting up and you will summon your arm in that direction.
  • Added Sunset Hill stage!
  • Guppy and Evo can no longer cancel their charge into other moves before startup
  • Fixed glitch where Guppy and Evo freeze up after charging
  • Added more controller compatability for the menu such as start/cancel (don’t know how I forgot this before…)
  • You can now switch your skins on the menu by pressing the attack buttons (you can still also change them the old way, too)
  • Added various fixes to online mode

Lum Paint:

  • Added sticker compatability! At the moment there is not much to select from, but you can select different stickers from the stickers tool, resize them, and draw all over the canvas with them!
  • You will no longer be able to draw behind panels when picking out things like colors, stickers, etc.

ME-VST (or MEVST) is a brand new widget for ME-OS that works like a mini synthesizer! Very soon it will support network play, so you can play music with your friends!
Since this is a new addition, here are the list of features:

  • 1 bank (at the moment, more to come maybe?) with 128 different instruments similar to the midi standard
  • Volume, pitch, reverb, low pass, high pass, chorus and delay effects that can completely change the texture of the sound are all accessible with sliders.
  • Play music with your computer keyboard, or plug in a midi keyboard to access a much bigger variety of notes!
  • Sustain pedal support
  • Mod pedal support, including assigning effects to the mod wheel with a simple click!
  • Volume slider support (if your midi device has one)
  • Pitch bend range support (although unfortunately no support for the pitch wheel)
  • Reset buttons for every parameter so you can mess around without having to restart the VST to go back to defaults

Mimi Player:

  • Added gradient swapping! You can now swap between 20 (maybe more to come later?) gradients for your visualizations to further personalize your music experience
  • Added square visualization!
  • Added a new slider! Pitch, with no tempo change. Kinda wonky, but it’s the best I can do (for now)!
  • Added a lot more ambiences! More will come soon, but these ambiences are Cliffside Highway, Lake Huron, Mt. Carmel, North Sea, and Stormy Winds
  • Added all remaining Syho songs (there are 9 Syho songs now)
  • Added the ME-OS theme, “Everbound”
  • Added more controller support (for changing visualization and gradient)
  • Slightly revamped UI (will likely get a proper revamp later as well), added two new buttons to swap gradient colors


  • Added a new icon to the taskbar, goodbye old Gontaper face!
  • There was never a minimize button for some reason? But now there is. So enjoy!

Royal Squared Color:

  • The fourth level (Lava Lake) is finally finished! When the fifth and sixth levels will be finished, the second pack will be accessible

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