New Update! 0.0.56 Changelog

Build 0.0.56 is live!
We seem to be on a roll with big, packed content updates! There’s a lot of exciting things to read here. Most changes pertain to the new Zelomedia Splash platform, Jump Wars, and Keyccordion Dawn.


Desktop / General:

  • Highly customizable message boxes have been added! These message boxes will be used for simple pop ups when needed, and to deliver important information/errors.
  • New default background! Don’t worry, the old one is still in the game
  • New default cursor! … just like with the background the old one is still there too
  • New retro cursor
  • New logo/icons for Lum Paint and File surfer
  • New backgrounds!
    • Default pack got backgrounds that were previously in the game but not easily accessible such as two flower ones and some flannel ones!

File Surfer:

  • Massive overhaul to how the file surfer works! Now you can load external files from your computer, and any drive!
  • Shortcuts to local folders (not accessible outside of ME-OS) are now on the sidebar, so you can access them quickly.
  • A special shortcut also exists on the sidebar that opens your default (external) ME-OS save location.
  • Drives will now pop up on the side bar as well, allowing you to quickly access your external files
  • Applications that support certain file types (Mimi Player, Videx, NoteME, etc.) will open external files
  • Certain spawns now throw less errors. For example, spawning a ball from Gon Ball Rally works good with physics now (no random particle effects, enabled gravity), and your logs stay clean!

Keyccordion Dawn:

  • Tons of new songs!
    • Lascia Ch’io Pianga Keygen Remix (by OctoNote, me!!!)
    • F-777: Power Glove
    • F-777: Unnamed song
    • Glorious Morning Keygen Remix (original by Waterflame, remix by OctoNote)
  • As you can see, we have song maps by other people now! Thank you very much for letting us use your awesome songs, F-777 and Waterflame!
  • More impact effects! When you land a note, a cool effect will play, providing better visual feedback. Also it’s prettier. Thanks beta testers for the suggestion!
  • When you play left or right hand mode only, the back board will now be more narrow and only show the buttons you can press. Finally, a much needed visual change!

Jump Wars:

  • Added a whole SIX new characters!
  • Psytork was added as a playable character!
    • He can shoot a fire projectile that can go through walls, and do a short roll that will reflect projectiles and deal damage.
  • Geron was added as a playable character!
    • He can shoot a tornado that has high knockback, and stab with a root he grows from his hand.
  • Feron was added as a playable character!
    • He can propel himself forward with water and hit with his belly, or smack into the ground with his belly making rocks fly from the ground.
  • Lum was added as a playable character, the first one of the Star Cross series!
    • He can summon a ghostly fire hand to flick his opponents, or let out a loud screech.
  • Chicken Man, a guest character from FunPix, was added as a playable character!
    • He can throw cleavers… backwards? And he also can let out radioactive farts that linger quite a bit.
  • Starter, a guest character from Super Gear Quest, was added as a playable character!
    • He’s heavy, but has powerful moves such as a punch that serves both as close range and medium range, and a fast travelling explosive projectile
  • Added Sleepy Bridge!
    • This stage has two variations. One that has floating platforms that float up and then sink down (perpetual), and one with a static island in the middle.
    • It also features a guest track made by Screenhog! Thank you for your awesome track!
  • Major improvements with impacts!
    • Every character now has hit visual AND sound effects on hit landing! This makes moves feel much more satisfying. These apply to all new and existing characters.
    • Jumping on characters also has an impact sound effect now too, as well as a visual effect. They are randomized to make it fun
  • Added retro stage variation! So now you can play on a heavily palette swapped stage that matches the retro alt.
  • Added a second variation for the Tavern stage.
  • Added one extra skin slot to every character
  • Now characters have slight health differences as part of the balance. If you’re fast and slow, you probably start out with something like 4 hearts, while slow and heavy maybe 6
  • General small tweaks and fixes
    • Dan Backslide runabout sound effects changed, as well as removed collisions upon car death
    • Dan Backslide hark sound effect changed to cleaner sound effect, as well as added a multitude of cleaned up sound bites from the original Dover Boys short
    • Gontaper roll sound effect changed
    • Gontaper’s water ball projectile now has trails
    • Evo charge sound effect changed
    • Evo’s Sunni explosion is now not a solid obstacle and instead is walk through, making it be less annoying to Evo himself (or whoever owns the explosion at that time)

Mimi Player:

  • Mimi Mini can now play module files! This includes xm, mod, s3m.
  • If you open a song from File Surfer, all other songs in the folder will be queded into a playlist!
  • Added all the new F-777 songs!
    • F-777 – Power Glove
    • F-777 – This Isn’t Science Rocket (2015 Edition)
    • F-777 – Oh Look A Butterfly
    • F-777 – Sunset Hill Remix
    • F-777 – (Unnamed song)
  • Added all the new Screenhog songs!
    • Screenhog – Caved in Caverns
    • Screenhog – Metro Mayhem
    • Screenhog – Sleepy Bridge
  • Added all the new Waterflame songs!
    • Waterflame – Field of Memories
    • Waterflame – Glorious Morning
  • Added all the new songs from Zelomedia Splash.
  • Added the new Keyccordion Dawn songs Lascia Ch’io Pianga Keygen Remix, as well as Glorious Morning Keygen Remix
  • Removed changing pitch without tempo slider. It might come back later, but the base game engine ME-OS is made on has a very poor pitch shifting mixer effect. Sorry 🙁


  • Even with sneaky tactics you can’t directly save .exe or .dll files, nor can you save in certain folders. It’s not really our fault if you decide to purposely break the computer using the tools but… just to be safe


  • Purchased items can now still be viewed even after purchasing them!

Zelomedia Splash:

  • This is a new game collection similar to MEGAME 7 IN 1, except it’s for old web game parodies and clones!
  • Unlike MEGAME, this will be a collection that will be expanding over time. At the moment it comes with three games.
  • Added Super Hard Quiz P2:
    • This game is a sequel to Super Hard Quiz P1, one of my “first” games that came out on April 1st 2013!
    • This time all the assets are original, so it can be included in ME-OS. Yay!
    • The objective is to complete the quiz which sometimes seems ridiculous or random at times. It also comes with 12 minigame questions!
  • Added Whoopie’s Playtime:
    • In this web platformer parody, you must navigate Whoopie through a set of puzzle levels and finish the game.
  • Added Apandoom’s Tree:
    • This game is a very simple one, just jump through the tree branches and avoid knocking into anything and keep climbing up to the top of the tree!

Terminal Commands:
Added a good amount of pop up terminal commands.

  • desktop
    • Goes to your desktop
  • getbuffersize
    • Gets the DSP buffer size.
  • listactiveobjects
    • Lists all active objects currently loaded in
  • reloadscene
    • Reloads active scene
  • setactive
    • Sets an object to active or inactive if found. However, a bug currently prevents inactive objects from being set to active
  • setbuffersize
    • Sets the buffer size to the provided value. If no value is given, default (1024) will be set. This command can greatly reduce audio latency, but at the cost of quality.
  • setcursor
    • Sets the cursor dynamically

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