Older Update: 0.0.50 Changelog

I forgot to post this, so here is the old changelog!

Build 0.0.50 is live!

This update is somewhat small and thankfully you didn’t have to wait 5 billion years for it to come out, but it’s also just a very fun networking update to play around with 🙂


  • You can now use a command called quickhost and quickjoin from the in game terminal. It’s super easy to use and can save a lot of time testing!
  • Spawning objects now works online, and there are several objects that allow you to switch ownerships and sync between everybody.
  • File surfer instantiator now allows you to spawn relatively to the camera. So no more annoying getpos fishing…
  • Added some secret spawnable items now that spawn is more fun to use with friends! – Lots of small bugfixes

    Gon Ball Rally:
  • Optimized level 10 so it is harder to die (it is the first world after all, gotta make it a bit easier)
  • Added coyote jumping (general improvements to the ball feel)
  • Terminal now has setballsize X command, so you can do that. Just don’t cheat…
  • A lot of objects have now been made spawnable, including the mushrooms, ground, rocks, and more.
  • You can hide names online as the server owner with the H key (remappable). This is nice for hide and seek
  • Names now have customizable colored glow outlines and are just generally better looking now.
  • Profile pictures appear above names now too.

  • A lot of objects have now been made spawnable, including Gavzer and several furniture items.

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